Nagoya Shopping Guide Osu Shopping Streets
Let’s be honest here, cultural experiences and nature are nice, but shopping in Japan is one of the things many people really look forward to. You can buy so many things here you get nowhere else in the world! If you are one of these people this post is for you. Here we will introduce...
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Kimono Shopping
Despite Kim Kardashian’s cultural appropriation scandal caused by her underwear line brand, Kimono is still an important aspect of Japanese Culture and part of the Japanese identity. But, who has not dreamed of being able to wear a Kimono in Japan?There are many ways to experience traditional Japanese culture, and we are sure that many...
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Oasis 21
You know, most people that come to Japan don’t stop by Nagoya because they have heard from “who knows” that there is nothing interesting to do (even to kill time).  Like almost everything in this world, we assure you that if you don’t see it with your own eyes you won’t believe it. You will...
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