Parks and Gardens

Tea Ceremony Nagoya
For regular people taking tea is just heating water and putting some tea into a cup. But for Japanese people, this simply isn’t enough.  A higher reason is needed and the simple process of tea in a cup is made rather more complicated by adding ceremony, rules, and a whole procedure to the otherwise simple...
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Autumn Leaves in Nagoya
It has been getting colder in Nagoya over the past couple of weeks, and autumn is finally here. It is one of the most beautiful seasons for a visit to Japan, and depending on who you ask maybe even better than spring! While September, the official start of autumn can still be quite hot and...
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Green spaces in big cities are highly treasured by locals and travelers alike. Check out these beautiful parks and gardens in Nagoya and its surroundings.
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Oasis 21
You know, most people that come to Japan don’t stop by Nagoya because they have heard from “who knows” that there is nothing interesting to do (even to kill time).  Like almost everything in this world, we assure you that if you don’t see it with your own eyes you won’t believe it. You will...
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