Nagoya Breakfast – 13 Cafes to Try Nagoya Morning Service

Ever wondered what a typical Japanese breakfast is like? If you have traveled to Japan before, you might have noticed that it could be very different from your usual breakfast. Some of the common Japanese breakfast items could be considered more suitable for lunch or dinner in other countries.

Typically, a traditional Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice, Miso soup, and grilled fish. In addition to those, there are various side dishes such as Tsukemono (Japanese pickles), Nori (dried seasoned seaweed), Natto (fermented soybeans), Kobachi (small side dishes which usually consist of vegetables), and sometimes even a green salad.

Enjoy a Marriage of Coffee and Toast: Nagoya Breakfast

If a Japanese-style breakfast doesn’t sound too appealing to you, no worries! We are happy to tell you that the local breakfast in Nagoya might be more up your alley.

Most people in Nagoya prefer toast over rice and they like to drink coffee in the morning rather than a cup of tea. To have their morning coffee and a light breakfast many locals like to visit coffee shops to order a Nagoya Morning Service.

In this post, we will introduce you to the unique coffee and breakfast culture in Nagoya. Finally, we also recommend you 13 cafes to check out in the morning for a delicious Nagoya-style breakfast.

The Nagoyans and Their Love for Coffee!

Nagonoya Cafe and Hostel.

Nagoya’s traditional coffee culture is based on deep and dark roasted coffee. For decades Nagoyans have been enjoying their daily breakfast with a cup of dark roasted coffee. However, a slowly rising tide of specialty coffee is little by little changing the deep-rooted traditions.

Especially the younger generation of Nagoyans are seeking a lighter easy-to-drink variation of coffee. While you can still find many traditional coffee houses in Nagoya, a rising number of new and modern specialty coffee shops has been popping up in the city.

A great start to get to know the modern coffee culture of Nagoya are places such as Trunk Coffee Bar, The Cups, or Q.O.L. COFFEE. These places offer new flavors, blending rare beans from all over the world. They guarantee a top-quality fresh cup of coffee that doesn’t have to hide on the world stage.

What Exactly Is a Nagoya Morning Service?

Now that you know about the Nagoyans, and their love for coffee (especially in the morning), let’s get back to the topic at hand: the special breakfast in Nagoya called Nagoya Morning Service.

When you order a drink such as coffee at almost any café or coffee shop in Nagoya (and its surroundings) in the early morning, you will be treated to a free breakfast. Yes, you read that correctly.
You get breakfast for free (or, for only a very small price, making it a great value for the cost!). This service is called Morning or in Japanese: Moningu (モーニング). It is sometimes also referred to as Nagoya Morning or Morning Service.

Typical items you will be served for free are a slice of toast, butter or margarine, and a boiled egg. Others include jams, small salads, yogurts, and fruit.
A local specialty called Ogura Toast (toast with sweet red bean paste) can also often be found as a Nagoya Morning set. If you want to learn more about Ogura Toast join the Ogura Toast Online Experience.

The Nagoya Morning Didn’t Actually Originate in Nagoya!

Because of the name, most people believe that the Morning Service started in Nagoya. But that is not actually the case. It originated in Ichinomiya, a city about 20 kilometers north of Nagoya in the Aichi Prefecture.

The biggest industry in Ichinomiya is textiles, in particular weaving, which is why it is home to one of the biggest Tanabata Festivals in Japan. However, because textile factories with their many machines are generally very loud, the factories aren’t very suitable to have meetings. Who wants to shout over all the machines that are busily weaving?

For this reason, business meetings were generally held away from the noisy factories at local coffee shops. Business meetings can take quite some time, and it turned out this was good business for the cafe owners in Ichinomiya.

Cafe Tsuzuki, one of Nagoya's oldest coffeeshops.
An old picture from Cafe Tsuzuki, one of the oldest coffee shops in Nagoya

To keep their business customers loyal, some cafes started offering free snacks such as boiled eggs or peanuts. Over time this practice turned into a kind of competition where different coffee shop owners would offer more and more free foods to outperform each other.

It is said that this was the beginning of the Morning culture we know and love today.

The Best Places to Have Free Breakfast in Nagoya!

When you visit Nagoya, check out one of the following places in the morning to get your free breakfast. There really is no reason not to get free breakfast, is there?

We have put together a list of the best places offering Morning Service in Nagoya. You won’t be able to decide where you want to try Nagoya breakfast first.

Komeda’s Coffee

Komedas Coffee's Morning Service of toast and Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste).
Ogura toast Morning set at Komeda’s Coffee

Komeda’s Coffee might be the most famous coffee chain from Nagoya, where its very first shop was opened in 1968. Nowadays, with over 100 shops in Nagoya alone, you can find Komeda’s Coffee shop on almost every corner in the city.

Each shop aims to be your home away from home with its cozy red velvet sofa seats and wooden interior. The coffee is the same at every shop as it is being distributed from a central location to ensure the best quality. Other drinks such as tea, cocoa, milk, or even corn soup are also available.

With an order of any beverage on the menu, you get to choose between three different sets. Set A consists of half a slice of ultra-thick toast spread with margarine and a boiled egg on the side. Set B is the same toast with an egg salad spread. Set C includes a toast with Nagoya’s famous Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste) to make your own Ogura Toast.
Sometimes there are seasonal or limited-time sets on offer as well.

Komeda’s Coffee (コメダ珈琲店)
Opening Hours: 7:00 – 22:00
Morning Service: 7:00 – 11:00
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 440 – 590 yen
Address: Esca Underground Shopping Street, 6-9 Tsubakicho, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0015
Website | Google Maps


Ham egg toast as your Morning Service at Konparu.
Konparu ham and egg toast sandwich, image via KELLY

Konparu, just like Komeda’s Coffee, with multiple locations throughout the city, is another coffee chain from Nagoya. Its interior is decidedly old-fashioned but cozy. They are known for their Ebifurai Sando, a deep-fried shrimp sandwich. In addition to that, Konparu offers another 25 other types of sandwiches to choose from.

Their morning service consists of a delicious ham and egg toast sandwich stuffed generously with sliced cabbage. Konparu is one of the few places where the morning is not for free. However, it is only an additional 130 yen on top of the price for your morning coffee or tea. Still a great deal for your breakfast before exploring Nagoya!

How about joining the street food tour in Osu after some shopping? One of Konparu’s locations happens to be near the starting point of this tour.

Street Food Walking Tour of Osu tour banner
Are you eager to try Japanese street food? Join our walking tour in Osu!

Konparu (コンパル)
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 21:00
Morning Service: 8:00 – 11:00, Weekdays only
Price: Morning Service: 130 yen; Drinks: 420 – 550 yen
Address: 3-20-19 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0011
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Cafe de Lyon

Mini sandwiches, yogurt and toast for your Morning Service at Cafe de Lyon.
Cafe de Lyon Morning set, image via Guru Guru Nagoya

Cafe de Lyon is especially popular with girls because of its cute French-inspired interior and gigantic mouthwatering Instagram-worthy parfaits laden with seasonal fruit.

Cafe de Lyon has three locations in Nagoya. Two of them are located within 15 minutes of walking from Nagoya Station. On the weekends and holidays, Café de Lyon offers a very well-balanced Morning Service. Enjoy two types of mini sandwiches and yogurt with fresh fruits. In addition to those, you get to choose between a toast with either cream cheese or jam.

Make sure to get there on time! Only the first 30 customers will be lucky to get their hands on Cafe de Lyon’s Morning Service. Nevertheless, you can always complement your cup of tea or coffee with one of their pretty parfaits or cakes.

Cafe de Lyon (カフェ ド リオン)
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 11:00 – 19:00, Sat + Sun 9:00 – 18:00, closed on Wednesdays
Morning Service: Sat + Sun 9:00 – 11:00
Price: Morning Service: free with drinks up to 600 yen Drinks: 500 – 700 yen
Address: 1-23-8 Nagono, Nishi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 451-0042
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Riyon Coffee Shop

A pressed sandwich with Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste) at Riyon Coffee Shop.
Ogura toast pressed sandwich at Riyon Coffee Shop

This is one of the few places in Nagoya where you can get breakfast at any time of the day. Only 6 minutes of walking from Nagoya Station will bring you to Riyon Coffee Shop. Enjoy your Nagoya Morning fix all day long!

Complement your morning coffee, tea, or fruit juice with one of their different Morning Service sets. The sets include your Japanese standard thick slice of toast with boiled egg, as well as a selection of pressed toasts. You can go for one with a sweet filling of fruit, Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste), or peanut cream, or try a savory one with either potato salad or vegetable salad.

Riyon Coffee Shop (モーニング喫茶 リヨン)
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 18:00
Morning Service: 8:00 – 18:00
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 430 – 550 yen
Address: 1-24-30 Meiekiminami, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 453-0003
Google Maps


Onigiri, Miso soup, and Warabi Mochi as a Morning Service set at Okagean.
Okagean Onigiri, Miso soup and Warabi Mochi Morning, image via ftcompany

Okagean isn’t your typical coffee shop but rather a Japanese sweets café. Typical items here include Zenzai (sweet red bean soup), Warabi Mochi (jelly-like Mochi with Kinako powder), parfaits, soft-serves, and Kakigori (shaved ice).

Although Okagean is a sister branch of Komeda’s Coffee, they also take pride in their selection of Japanese drinks. Thus, you can enjoy a cup of Matcha green tea with your Morning Service. If you are interested in Matcha and want to try a tea ceremony, read this post to find out more.

In the morning you get to choose between three diverse Morning Service sets. Your first option is the usual toast with a boiled egg and red bean paste. For anyone who wants to try a Japanese breakfast, we recommend the second set. This one consists of an Onigiri (rice ball), Miso soup, and Warabi Mochi. Finally, you choose to have a Japanese Wagashi (sweet) suiting the current season.

Okagean (甘味喫茶おかげ庵)
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 23:00
Morning Service: 8:00 – 11:00
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 450 -750 yen
Address: 3-12-18 Aoi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0004
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps


A traditional Japanese styled Morning Service at Hanagoyomi.
Onigiri Morning set with a salad and Chawanmushi at Hanagoyomi, image via Jouhoutsu

This Japanese sweets cafe is stylish on the inside with its modern wooden interior. In addition to their delicious sweets, they also offer a variety of Japanese dishes such as Sushi, Udon, Soba, and Donburi. Hanagoyomi also offers the possibility to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner outside on their roofed terrace. Pets are also welcome!

Compared to most of the cafes listed here, the Morning Service at Hanagoyomi consists of decidedly traditional Japanese breakfast items. Every morning you receive a complimentary salad and Chawanmushi (steamed egg) with your favorite drink. Additionally, you get to choose between toast, Onigiri (rice ball), and a seasonal item. From April on you can opt for a cold Ochazuke (rice with tea poured over). In October the Ochazuke is replaced with Okayu (rice porridge).

Hanagoyomi (白壁カフェ 花ごよみ)
Opening Hours: 7:30 – 23:00
Morning Service: 7:30 – 10:00
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 420 – 530 yen
Address: 4-72 Chikaramachi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0018
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Cafe Teaser

Cafe Teaser Morning Set with egg muffin, one of its 14 options.
Egg muffin Morning set at Cafe Teaser, image via Morning

Cafe Teaser is so popular in the morning that people will gladly stand in line to get their hands on one of their 14 different Morning sets. In addition to being delicious, the servings are relatively big. Enjoy your morning drink and Morning Service for only one coin (500 yen).

Bagel, croissant, toast, or white bread? These are perhaps their sets that you may come to find at other places as well. If you’re in the mood for sweets, how about a chiffon cake or honey/Ogura baguette set? Or are you craving a hotdog? You can replace the original sausage with egg, tuna, or chili.

In case you feel like having a very light breakfast, opt for a Morning Drink Set. This will get you half a slice of toast and a mini soft serve ice cream with your choice of tea, coffee, or juice.

Cafe Teaser (カフェティーザー)
Opening Hours: Thu – Mon 9:00 – 23:00, Tue 9:00 – 18:00, closed Wednesdays
Morning Service: 9:00 – 11:30
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 500 yen
Address: 3-14 Senrakutori, Minami Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 457-0852
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Cafe de SaRa

One of the two types of Morning Service at Cafe de Sara.
TBlack sesame and Kuromitsu toast Morning set at Cafe de SaRa, image via Morning

Inside a more than 100-year-old building, you will find this adorable cafe. Its location in the old historic townscape of Shikemichi not far from Nagoya Station certainly makes it a popular spot.
Eager to know more about Shikemichi and learn about Japan’s history and culture? Join us for the Nagoya Kimono Old Town Walking Tour!

Morning Service at Cafe de Sara consists of a choice between two different extra-thick toast slices. Either a plain toast generously topped with egg and a little yogurt on the side, or black sesame and Kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) toast with a little egg salad and homemade jam. Both cost only as much as your coffee or tea.

Cafe de SaRa (カフェ ド SaRa)
Opening Hours: Tue – Sat 8:45 – 16:00, Mon 8:45 – 13:00, closed Sundays
Morning Service: Mon – Fri 8:45 – 11:00, Sat 8:45 – 12:00
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 450 yen
Address: 1-30 Nagono, Nishi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 451-0042
Instagram | Google Maps

Cafe Cooktown

Cooktown Morning Service with delicious sandwiches.
Egg and cucumber sandwiches Morning set at Cafe Cooktown, image via Guru Guru Nagoya

Thanks to its convenient location, only a couple hundred meters from Nagoya Station, Cafe Cooktown is a popular place for a morning sandwich. Despite the chance of having to wait outside before entering the packed cafe, it is still worth enjoying your Morning Service here. The line outside might make it easier to find the cafe as the entrance can be easily overlooked.

This cafe is especially a good deal if you feel like having a bigger breakfast to start your day. Once again, enjoy a free breakfast with your coffee, tea, juice, or soft drink. You will be served four sandwiches filled generously with egg and cucumber and seasoned with ketchup.
This will guarantee a good start to your day!

Cafe Cooktown (クックタウン)
Opening Hours: 7:00 – 19:00, closed on Sundays
Morning Service: 7:00 – 10:00
Price: Morning Service: free; Drinks: 420 – 580 yen
Address: 4-24-12 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002
Google Maps

Bucyo Coffee KAKO

Bucyo Coffee Morning Service with a Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste) specialty.
Morning set Ogura Kaiser Roll at Bucyo Coffee, image via Jouhoutsu

Do you prefer your coffee to be strong when waking up in the morning? Then make sure to head over to Bucyo Coffee KAKO. This retro hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is popular with the locals who come here to get their morning coffee fix.

The Morning Service here consists of a plain toast or Kaiser roll with a limited selection of drinks. However, for a little additional charge, you can try the KAKO specialty: Ogura-an (sweet red bean paste). While this may sound sweet, it actually matches perfectly with their coffee. You can even further upgrade your Morning Service with some whipped cream as well.

Bucyo Coffee KAKO (ブキョーコーヒー)
Opening Hours: 7:30 – 17:00
Morning Service: 7:30 – 10:30
Price: Morning Service: free, extra items at additional fees; Drinks: 530 -730 yen
Address: 1-10-9 Meiekiminami, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0003
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Bon Bon Cafe

Bon Bon Morning Set, a typical Nagoya Breakfast consisting of toast and boiled egg.
Morning Service at Bon Bon, image via Rurubu

Bon Bon Cafe is one of the oldest cafes in the city. Its history goes back to 1949. When dropping by this cafe, you can really feel that it has been around for a while. If you are eager to visit a traditional Nagoya-style cafe Bon Bon is the place to check out.

The cafe offers a standard Morning Service consisting of toast and a boiled egg. You are also given the option to add a jam, yogurt, or mini salad on the side for an additional 100 yen. But really, people come here for the nostalgic atmosphere rather than the free breakfast. Especially regulars enjoy staying here for a long time in the morning.

Bon Bon Cafe (ボンボン)
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 20:00
Morning Service: 8:00 – 10:00, Weekdays only
Price: Morning Service: free Drinks: 350 – 480 yen
Address: 2-1-22 Izumi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0001
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

Izumi Cafe

Izumi Cafe
Izumi Cafe fruits sandwich. Image via Izumi Cafe Facebook page

Izumi Cafe opened only recently, in 2019, and quickly became a popular spot for getting a Morning Service. It is located inside a 50-year-old building and has an incredibly stylish and modern interior. However, this is not the only reason Izumi-Cafe is popular.

Locals like to come every day for their flat rate drip coffee and Morning set. The lucky ones living in Nagoya can enjoy this every morning for a monthly subscription of only 4000 yen. It makes you want to stay in Nagoya even longer. And why not? There are plenty of things to do and discover!

Even if you stay in Nagoya for a short while, you can still try their Morning Service any day. Enjoy your coffee, tea, or juice with buttered toast, boiled egg, and salad. At an additional price, you can also opt for an Ogura toast, ham egg toast, or one of their specialty toast with fruits and whipped cream.

Izumi Cafe
Opening Hours: 8:00 – 17:00
Morning Service: 9:00 – 11:00
Price: Morning Service: free, upgrades possible at additional fees; Drinks: 400 -500 yen
Address: 1-11-4 Izumi, Higashi Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0001
Instagram | Google Maps

Cafe Tsuzuki

Cafe Tsuzuki
A fruit parfait from Cafe Tsuzuki

Famous for serving the highest cafe au lait in Japan, Cafe Tsuzuki is also one of the oldest cafes to be found in Nagoya. The owner, Mr. Tsuzuki, traveled the entire country to diligently study the art of coffee making. As a result, he developed a unique way of serving cafe au lait using a ladder. Serving from such height, the flavor and quality of the foam are said to improve greatly.

The cafe is located, or rather hidden, on the second floor of the Tsuzuki building. Yet, it is popular not only with locals and travelers. Even national celebrities and artists come here to enjoy their coffee as well as cozy atmosphere and interior decorated with plants and flowers.

In the morning you get to choose between different breakfast options. Toast with 3 types of jam or a daily Morning set are included for free with any drink. For an additional fee, you can opt for a set with Kaiser roll and egg or ham (A), sandwich with Myogata ham (B), or toast of choice with fruit salad (C).

Cafe Tsuzuki
Opening Hours: 7:30 – 18:00
Morning Service: 7:30 – 11:00
Price: Morning Service: free, upgrades possible at additional fees; Drinks: 400 – 600 yen
Address: 6-1 Taikotori, Nakamura-ku 2F Tsuzuki Building, Nagoya
Website (Japanese only) | Google Maps

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Although we strive to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, please note that changes may occur nonetheless. We recommend you confirm any relevant information such as event cancelations or changes, opening hours, or possible restrictions using a direct source. Please keep in mind that these sources might be in Japanese only.

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