Toyota Museum in Nagoya
If you know anything about cars, you are probably aware that Toyota is one of the biggest car manufacturers worldwide.  But did you know that Toyota is originally from Nagoya? Logically, Nagoya and other parts of Aichi Prefecture are the perfect places to geek out about cars in general and Toyota in particular. In fact,...
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Nagoya museums
Nagoya not only houses ancient and historical art but also fantastic museums and galleries exhibiting old and new artworks of Japanese designers. Even during a short stroll around the city center, you can drop in at multiple museums dedicated to modern art.  To make it easier for you we have prepared this list of the...
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Toyota shop
Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture have Japan’s greatest concentration of automobile, fine ceramics, aerospace, and other high-tech industries. Many excellent companies that are also top-ranked globally are active in this region. Because of this, small and medium-sized companies with superior technical capabilities to provide broad-based support to those global giants are also located here.  The main industries...
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Mizukan Museum Cover
Nagoya is full of museums and cultural events, which make the city a perfect destination for Japanese history buffs. Whether you’re already in Japan or still planning your next trip, we have picked some of the best history and culture museums in Nagoya, so you can add them to your bucket list. Get to Know...
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