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You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Japan loves its noodles, or Men as it’s called in Japanese. There are all sorts of kinds: Ramen, Somen, Tsukemen, Tantanmen, Ikemen… OK, that last one actually isn’t a type of noodle, but to anyone who knows some Japanese, you might get the joke! Along with other...
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Chicken wings. Who doesn’t love them! Vegetarians, maybe. And apparently even Japanese people until a couple of decades ago. When you consider that they are now anywhere and everywhere in restaurants in Japan, we’d forgive you for calling us liars if we told you that in the past they would be thrown out as garbage...
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Are you looking for a stylish location to enjoy a burger and steak dinner?  Or would you rather have delicious cocktails in a modern lounge?  Or yet still, you are looking for a place to have a long and healthy lunch with your girlfriends? Or a couple of glasses of craft beer with the guys?...
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If you love shrimp, then Nagoya is a fantastic place to visit. Aichi Prefecture, home of Nagoya,  has one of the highest per capita shrimp consumption in the country. This is probably because shrimp can be easily fished in Ise Bay. And because seafood tastes best when it’s fresh, it is often found on the...
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Hatcho Miso
Located near Nagoya is a small city called Okazaki. People from Okazaki are very proud of two things. The first is that the unifier of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu, was born in Okazaki in 1543. The second, even older, thing they are proud of is that Okazaki is the birthplace of Hatcho Miso!  Hatcho Miso is...
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Oasis 21
You know, most people that come to Japan don’t stop by Nagoya because they have heard from “who knows” that there is nothing interesting to do (even to kill time).  Like almost everything in this world, we assure you that if you don’t see it with your own eyes you won’t believe it. You will...
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