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Miso Nikomi Udon
Japan has a wide variety of traditional noodle-based dishes. The most famous are probably Ramen and Soba noodles but those are only the tip of the iceberg. Another popular type of noodle is Udon. Udon noodles are thick white noodles made from 3 basic ingredients: wheat flour, salt, and water. They are served in a...
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Sake bottles
Sake is deeply connected to Japanese culture and many of Japan’s traditions and customs. From ancient times Sake has been offered to the Gods calling it the “Drink of the Gods”. It has deep ties to religion, ceremonies, traditions, and everyday social interaction. Making a toast with Atsukan, warm Sake On the surface, Sake may...
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Nagoya Sweets - Uiro
Do you love sweets and trying them wherever you go? Then, you are at the right place! In this post, we will take you on a sweets journey through Nagoya. We will start with a very brief introduction to sweets in Japan and then continue with the historical development of Japan’s sweets scene. Next, we...
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Hitsumabushi Nagoya
Are you a foodie who wants to experience Japanese cuisine in Nagoya? In our opinion, food isn’t only something to be enjoyed in restaurants. You need to go out there, be adventurous, and say yes! to everything if you want to really get to know the local Nagoya cuisine. The food experiences in Nagoya will...
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Komedas Coffee Morning Set
Ever wondered what a typical Japanese breakfast is like? If you have traveled to Japan before, you might have noticed that it could be very different from your usual breakfast. Some of the common Japanese breakfast items could be considered more suitable for lunch or dinner in other countries. Typically, a traditional Japanese breakfast consists...
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Tea Ceremony Nagoya
For regular people, making tea is simply heating water and putting some tea into a cup. However, for Japanese people, this is not sufficient. A higher purpose is required, and the straightforward act of preparing tea in a cup is transformed into a more intricate process by incorporating ceremony, rules, and a complete procedure into...
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Eel is a Japanese delicacy. It is served in many different ways such as Unagi Sushi, Unagi Don (Unagi bowl), Unaju (Unagi rice) and every restaurant has its own special recipe, grilling technique, and secret sauce ingredients. There are countless Unagi eel dishes using grilled eel, steamed eel, cooked eel, or a combination. You get...
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The Japanese traditionally eat rice for breakfast. They serve it with some grilled fish, Miso soup, egg (either raw on top of the rice or fried as a Japanese-style omelet called Tamago Maki), and of course Natto (the smelly sticky stuff made from fermented soybeans). But in Nagoya everything is different. The typical breakfast in...
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Kishimen Nagoya
One reason Nagoya is not boring is the very exciting array of food you can find in the region.  We have to admit, there is great regional food in many parts of Japan, such as the delicious Udon of Shikoku, unbelievably scrumptious Okonomiyaki variations in both Hiroshima and Osaka, and the best variety of Ramen...
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At first glance, Ankake Spaghetti may look like the Italian pasta that Mama used to make, but it’s certainly no Ragu. Give this to an Italian chef and he would probably spit it out and smash the plate on the floor! From shock and in a very Gordon Ramsey sort of way, you understand. Don’t...
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