Festivals and Events

Okazaki Fireworks
Summer is finally here, and with the arrival of the hot weather, we are ready to have some fun! Japanese summers are synonymous with incredible festivals. In particular, Summer inspires some of the most stunning Natsu Matsuri (summer festivals), featuring Obon dances and spectacular fireworks displays. Everyone dresses up in their most beautiful Yukata and...
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Tanabata festival streamers
A fairy tale might not have been what you were expecting when you opened this blog post, but we will tell you one anyway. It is a story of gods and love. Orihime, the sewing princess, and daughter of the Sky King, was sewing beautiful clothes by the Heavenly River, known in our modern understanding...
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World Cosplay Summit 2019
Cosplay — the art of dressing up as characters from anime, manga, video games, TV shows, or any other media — has become a global phenomenon over the years. Once dressed in their cosplay, cosplayers attend conventions to take photos, enter competitions, or perform theatrical routines. The World Cosplay Summit is a perfect occasion to...
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Hydrangea is a flower with a long history and tradition in Japan. Because of its beauty and special significance, Japanese people adore hydrangea flowers the same way that they do Sakura flowers during spring.  If the plum blossom is a sign of early spring, the hydrangea (Ajisai in Japanese) is a sign that summer is...
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Atsuta Matsuri
Of the roughly 70 festivals each year held at Atsuta Shrine, the Atsuta Festival (Atsuta Matsuri or Shobu-sai) is by far the biggest and most important. This festival is held every June 5th and signals the arrival of summer. Summer in Japan is the season of summer festivals and fireworks! Atsuta Jingu, also called Atsuta-san...
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Atsuta Jingu
Atsuta Shrine, also called, Atsuta-san or Atsuta-sama, is the second most important Shinto shrine in Japan, after the Ise Grand Shrine. The venerated sun goddess Amaterasu is enshrined here as well as being home to the sacred sword Kusanagi-no-tsurugi, which is one of the three Japanese imperial treasures. Legend has it that Amaterasu gave the...
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Christmas illumination 2022
Nagoya, and in fact Japan, really embrace the Christmas season with illuminations and other winter events going on in December each year. One highlight of winter in Nagoya is the amazing winter illuminations that go up each year around the middle of November and mostly stay up until January or even February of the new...
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Japan has many spectacular winter illuminations each year, in fact, a lot of great ones can be found in Nagoya. Many have a Christmas theme with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and raindeers and that’s why they usually end by January.  But one of the greatest winter illuminations in Japan can be found not far from...
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Introducing the first-ever Shi-te-tsu-sai Festival 2023! On November 30, 2023, Chubu bureau of METI will host a unique gathering of local craftspeople at the Global Gate Indoor Event Space in Nagoya. It’s a day of creativity and collaboration you won’t want to miss! What is the Shi-te-tsu-sai Festival? One of the crafts people attending the...
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Yattokame Street Kabuk
Nagoya hosts throughout the year multiple exciting annual events, seasonal festivals, Samurai parades, and special cultural events for all kinds of audiences. During autumn, one of the greatest cultural festivals is the Yattokame Culture Festival. The Yattokame is a journey through Japan’s traditional performing arts, history, and culture. In 2023, it will be held from...
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