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Relaxing walk
Are you looking for a place to relax, and maybe recenter yourself while traveling in Japan? A location where you can fully immerse yourself in relieving stress and healing not only your body but your mind and soul as well? Nagoya is that place! A place where you can spend a full day focusing on...
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Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Tie-Dyeing
Arimatsu, located just about 20 minutes by train from Nagoya Station, is a town well known for being the home of the traditional technique of Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori, a technique of fabric dyeing that has been skillfully crafted over the last 400 years. Edo Period traditional black wooden houses along the Tokaido Road During the Edo...
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Toyokawa Inari Foxes
Have you spent a couple of days exploring Nagoya? Visited Nagoya Castle, shopped for subculture items at the Osu Shopping District, experienced the bustling nightlife of Sakae, and wore a Kimono while exploring the old Shikemichi and Endoji districts? Then it’s time for a change of scenery and to explore more of Aichi Prefecture. That’s...
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Autumn Leaves in Nagoya
Autumn Leaves and Autumn Festivals in Nagoya and Aichi
September 30, 2021
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September 15, 2021
Kiyosu castle
Kiyosu City, The Key to Japan’s Unification
September 13, 2021