Nagoya Travel Guide
Shrine in Nagoya
The Japanese have a peculiar relationship to religion. Most people identify as both Shinto and Buddhist, or nothing at all. Still following rituals of either, depending on the occasion. Weddings are often Shinto, burials almost exclusively Buddhist. They also like to sprinkle in Christian holidays for good measure. Because of this very inclusive mindset, anyone is welcome at shrines and temples in Japan and no one is barred from praying...
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Kimono Shopping
Despite Kim Kardashian’s cultural appropriation scandal caused by her underwear line brand, Kimono is still an important aspect of the Japanese Culture and part of the Japanese identity. But, who has not dreamed of being able to wear a kimono in Japan?There are many ways to experience traditional Japanese culture, and we are sure that many of those who have dreamed or are dreaming of traveling to Japan are thinking...
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Oasis 21
You know, most people that come to Japan don’t stop by Nagoya because they have heard from “who knows” that there is nothing interesting to do (even to kill time).  Like almost everything in this world, we assure you that if you don’t see it with your own eyes you won’t believe it. You will be surprised by all the things you can experience here. Let us, local foreigners living...
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Hitsumabushi Nagoya
Are you a foodie who wants to experience Japanese cuisine in Nagoya? In our opinion, food isn’t only something to be enjoyed in restaurants. You need to go out there, be adventurous and say yes! to everything if you want to really get to know the local Nagoya cuisine. The food experiences here in Nagoya will lead you to morning markets, factories, the best street food places, and other secret...
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Kishimen Nagoya
One reason Nagoya is not boring is the very exciting food you can find in the region. We have to admit, there is great regional food in many parts of Japan, such as delicious Udon on Shikoku, unbelievably scrumptious Okonomiyaki variations in both Hiroshima and Osaka, and the best variety of Ramen in Kyushu and Hokkaido. But Nagoya has such a wide variety of great regional dishes that you really...
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