Nagoya Travel Guide
Nagoya museums
Nagoya not only houses ancient and historical art but also fantastic museums and galleries exhibiting old and new artworks by Japanese designers. Even during a short stroll around the city center, you can drop in at multiple museums dedicated to modern art. To make it easier for you, we have prepared this list of the best art museums and modern art galleries in Nagoya. Nagoya City Art Museum Entrance of...
Tea Ceremony Nagoya
For regular people, making tea is simply heating water and putting some tea into a cup. However, for Japanese people, this is not sufficient. A higher purpose is required, and the straightforward act of preparing tea in a cup is transformed into a more intricate process by incorporating ceremony, rules, and a complete procedure into what would otherwise be a simple task. This is the essence of a Japanese tea...
A Whisker Away
There are many kinds of people visiting Japan, some are attracted to the country’s unique culture or history, others to its cuisine. However, it is modern Japan and its pop culture that have been inspiring many foreigners to travel to Japan in recent years. Manga, Anime, games, and Cosplay are all part of Japan’s popular culture and have quickly spread around the world creating a huge community of fans, or...
Japan has many spectacular winter illuminations each year, in fact, a lot of great ones can be found in Nagoya. Many have a Christmas theme with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and raindeers and that’s why they usually end by January.  But one of the greatest winter illuminations in Japan can be found not far from Nagoya and it runs for more than half a year, giving you ample opportunity to...
Introducing the first-ever Shi-te-tsu-sai Festival 2023! On November 30, 2023, Chubu bureau of METI will host a unique gathering of local craftspeople at the Global Gate Indoor Event Space in Nagoya. It’s a day of creativity and collaboration you won’t want to miss! What is the Shi-te-tsu-sai Festival? One of the crafts people attending the event is Kajiura-san This year marks the first edition of the Shi-te-tsu-sai Festival 2023, dedicated...
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