Nagoya Travel Guide
Nagoya Transport
If you are planning a trip to Nagoya, or have just arrived, and now you are wondering about the best way to explore the city (or simply how to best get to your hotel) this post is for you. It outlines all possible modes of transportation in Nagoya, as well as your options to explore the surrounding areas outside of the city. This guide includes multiple tips that can save...
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Nagoya Festival
The Nagoya Festival, which takes place annually in mid-October, is one of the greatest autumn festivals in Nagoya. The entire city is filled with a festive air, celebrating its past, present, and future.  If you love Japanese festivals and want to experience the vibrant energy and a mix of entertainment, culture, and history, this event cannot be missed. Article Contents How Did the Nagoya Festival Come to Be?Highlights of the...
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Autumn Leaves in Nagoya
It has been getting colder in Nagoya over the past couple of weeks, and autumn is finally here. It is one of the most beautiful seasons for a visit to Japan, and depending on who you ask maybe even better than spring! While September, the official start of autumn can still be quite hot and humid, temperatures start to drop little by little in October. And in November autumn has...
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Yattokame Street Kabuk
Nagoya hosts throughout the year multiple exciting annual events, seasonal festivals, Samurai parades, and special cultural events for all kinds of audiences. During autumn, one of the greatest cultural festivals is the Yattokame Culture Festival. The Yattokame is a journey through Japan’s traditional performing arts, history, and culture. In 2020, it will be held from October 24. to November 15., and for almost a whole month, you can enjoy a...
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Toyokawa Inari Foxes
Have you spent a couple of days exploring Nagoya? Visited Nagoya Castle, shopped for subculture items at the Osu Shopping District, experienced the bustling nightlife of Sakae, and wore a Kimono while exploring the old Shikemichi and Endoji districts? Then it’s time for a change of scenery and to explore more of Aichi Prefecture. That’s where this post comes in. It is a list of the most amazing day trips...
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