Nagoya Travel Guide
Are you looking for a place rich in history, with a great atmosphere and excellent food options? Do you want modern entertainment and experience spirituality? Then you need to visit the Osu Shopping Streets! It’s an area that encompasses all of these things and more, making it one of the most popular destinations in Nagoya for tourists and locals alike.  Let’s Uncover the History of the Osu Shopping Streets Osu...
Sake bottles
Sake is deeply connected to Japanese culture and many of Japan’s traditions and customs. From ancient times Sake has been offered to the Gods calling it the “Drink of the Gods”. It has deep ties to religion, ceremonies, traditions, and everyday social interaction. Making a toast with Atsukan, warm Sake On the surface, Sake may seem simple, restrained, or perhaps even plain, but digging a little deeper you will discover...
Nagoya Sweets - Uiro
Do you love sweets and trying them wherever you go? Then, you are at the right place! In this post, we will take you on a sweets journey through Nagoya. We will start with a very brief introduction to sweets in Japan and then continue with the historical development of Japan’s sweets scene. Next, we will look closely at Nagoya’s famous Wagashi. Finally, we will provide you with a guide...
Toyokawa Inari Foxes
Have you spent a couple of days exploring Nagoya? Visited Nagoya Castle, shopped for subculture items at the Osu Shopping District, experienced the bustling nightlife of Sakae, and worn a Kimono while exploring the old Shikemichi and Endoji districts? If so, it’s time for a change of scenery and to explore more of Aichi Prefecture. That’s where this post comes in. It is a list of the most amazing day...
Plum Blossoms in Aichi and Nagoya
One of the first and most exciting signs of spring in Japan is when flowers start blooming. The cherry blossom or Sakura is the best-known flower during the spring season. However, there is a flower that blooms before the Sakura tree, and it has played an important role in Japanese culture and tradition for many centuries: we are talking about the plum blossom. The flowering season of the plum blossom...
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April 24, 2024
Atsuta Jingu
Atsuta Jingu: Exploring the Most Sacred Place in Nagoya
April 23, 2024
Miso Nikomi Udon
Where to Try the Best Miso Nikomi Udon in Nagoya
April 15, 2024


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