Nagoya Travel Guide
Toyokawa Inari Foxes
Have you spent a couple of days exploring Nagoya? Visited Nagoya Castle, shopped for subculture items at the Osu Shopping District, experienced the bustling nightlife of Sakae, and worn a Kimono while exploring the old Shikemichi and Endoji districts? If so, it’s time for a change of scenery and to explore more of Aichi Prefecture. That’s where this post comes in. It is a list of the most amazing day...
Plum Blossoms in Aichi and Nagoya
One of the first and most exciting signs of spring in Japan is when flowers start blooming. The cherry blossom or Sakura is the best-known flower during the spring season. However, there is a flower that blooms before the Sakura tree, and it has played an important role in Japanese culture and tradition for many centuries: we are talking about the plum blossom. The flowering season of the plum blossom...
Hitsumabushi Nagoya
Are you a foodie who wants to experience Japanese cuisine in Nagoya? In our opinion, food isn’t only something to be enjoyed in restaurants. You need to go out there, be adventurous, and say yes! to everything if you want to really get to know the local Nagoya cuisine. The food experiences in Nagoya will lead you to morning markets, factories, the best street food places, and other secret locations...
Nagoya Castle Cover Image
Nagoya Castle is probably the most popular tourist destination in the city. There isn’t a guidebook or website about the city that doesn’t mention this impressive and beautiful landmark. And rightly so, the castle is a central part of Nagoya’s history and even influences the present. The History of Nagoya is the History of Nagoya Castle! Historic picture of Nagoya Castle from above, before it burned down on May 14,...
Manga and Anime in Nagoya
The history of Manga comics in Japan is so long that it can be traced back to scrolls in the 12th century. Since then, it has evolved into many genres and styles, has been animated, and is now available internationally. Manga and Anime are such significant parts of Japan that one cannot visit this country without encountering some sort of Manga or Anime character along the way. Manga and Anime...
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