Nagoya Travel Guide
Plum Blossoms in Aichi and Nagoya
One of the first and most exciting signs of spring in Japan is when flowers start blooming. The cherry blossom or Sakura is the best-known flower during the spring season. However, there is a flower that blooms before the Sakura tree, and it has played an important role in Japanese culture and tradition for many centuries: we are talking about the plum blossom. The flowering season of the plum blossom...
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Christmas illumination 2022
Nagoya, and in fact Japan, really embrace the Christmas season with illuminations and other winter events going on in December each year. One highlight of winter in Nagoya is the amazing winter illuminations that go up each year around the middle of November and mostly stay up until January or even February of the new year. Fun Christmas and New Year events also take place at different locations around Nagoya....
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See the past, present, and future through the most representative buildings of Nagoya. Japan has some fascinating architecture all across the country. Kyoto is famous for its traditional temples and buildings, while Tokyo is renowned for its ultramodern cityscapes and awe-inspiring skyscrapers that dominate its skyline.  Nagoya is very much a mixture of the two that is quickly becoming a major hub in development with new high-rise apartment buildings and...
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Autumn Leaves in Nagoya
The season of summer festivals has come to an end, and it is gradually getting cooler in Nagoya: autumn is finally here. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for a visit to Japan, and depending on whom you ask, even better than spring! While September, the official start of autumn can still be quite hot and humid, temperatures start to drop little by little in October. And in...
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Nagoya Festival
The Nagoya Festival, which takes place annually in mid-October, is one of the greatest autumn festivals in Nagoya. The entire city is filled with a festive air, celebrating its past, present, and future.  If you love Japanese festivals and want to experience the vibrant energy and a mix of entertainment, culture, and history, this event cannot be missed. How Did the Nagoya Festival Come to Be? The Nagoya Festival began...
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