Nagoya Travel Guide
Inuyama Ukai
For over 1300 years, local fishermen in Japan have used an unusual technique to catch river fish during the summer. Japanese cormorants called U in Japanese are trained for up to three years by their owners to help them catch fish. Known as Ukai in Japanese, cormorant fishing is a unique traditional method that is rare today and mostly continued as both a tourist attraction and a way to keep...
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Domatsuri 2019
The Nippon Domannaka Festival, commonly known as Domatsuri, is one of the most energetic and vibrant festivals all around Japan. It is held in Nagoya, at the end of August, when the summer heat reaches its peak.  Domatsuri is a multi-day-festival that fills Nagoya city and its surroundings with hundreds of Yosakoi dancers coming from all over the country and even abroad. Watch the performance of the winning team from...
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World Cosplay Summit 2019
Cosplay — the art of dressing up as characters from anime, manga, video games, TV shows, or any other media — has become a global phenomenon over the years. Once dressed in their Cosplay, Cosplayers attend conventions to take photos, enter competitions, or perform theatrical routines. The World Cosplay Summit is a perfect occasion to do all of this at the same time. It’s the world’s biggest cosplay event, and...
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When we heard for the first time that Ghibli Park was going to open close to Nagoya in the autumn of 2022 we were so excited! Sure it was still years away, but it would mean more western travelers would visit and enjoy Nagoya, and hopefully stick around to see more of our fascinating second home. We got the first teasers of the construction at the beginning of 2022, making...
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Tanabata festival streamers
A fairy tale might not have been what you were expecting when you opened this blog post, but we will tell you one anyway. It is a story of gods and love. Orihime, the sewing princess and daughter of the Sky King, was sewing beautiful clothes by the Heavenly River, known in our modern understanding as the Milky Way. The Sky King loved his daughter very much and also her...
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Architecture in and Around Nagoya
September 28, 2022
Autumn Leaves in Nagoya
Autumn Leaves and Autumn Festivals in Nagoya and Aichi in 2022
September 21, 2022
Nagoya Festival
Celebrating Nagoya during the Nagoya Festival 2022
September 12, 2022



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