Nagoya Travel Guide
Kiyosu castle
Kiyosu with its castle is just minutes from Nagoya Station, and yet it is one of those places generally never mentioned in guidebooks or travel magazines. In fact, I know many people in Nagoya who have never heard of Kiyosu Castle, and even I (Elly) heard about it for the first time after living in Nagoya for more than 10 years and researching castles in the Aichi area!  So I...
Toyota Museum in Nagoya
If you know anything about cars, you are probably aware that Toyota is one of the biggest car manufacturers worldwide.  But did you know that Toyota is originally from Nagoya? Logically, Nagoya and other parts of Aichi Prefecture are the perfect places to geek out about cars in general and Toyota in particular. In fact, there are 3 Toyota museums in Aichi:  Toyota Kaikan Museum in Toyota (yes, they named...
The Buddha’s ashes, an old villa, and modern delicacies. All of these can be found in Kakuozan, a contemporary and artistic district of Nagoya city. This area extends half a kilometer from Kakuozan Station all the way to Nittaiji temple, which enshrines some ashes of the Buddha (yes, the actual Buddha!) bestowed by the king of Thailand. The popular area features historic architecture from the Showa era (1926-1989), alongside more...
Nikko Style Nagoya
If Nagoya is not boring was a hotel rather than a booking site for tours and experiences, it would be the lifestyle hotel Nikko Style Nagoya. Both started operation only last year during the height of the coronavirus pandemic; both like to show off their love for Nagoya, Aichi, and the region in everything they do. So it was only natural for us to partner with Nikko Style Nagoya. In...
Style Kitchen cover image 3
Are you looking for a stylish location to enjoy a burger and steak dinner?  Or would you rather have delicious cocktails in a modern lounge?  Or yet still, you are looking for a place to have a long and healthy lunch with your girlfriends? Or a couple of glasses of craft beer with the guys? You can get all of these things and more at the Style Kitchen! We, Lena...
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May 23, 2024
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May 8, 2024


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