Lena Yamaguchi
Christmas illumination 2022
Nagoya, and in fact Japan, really embrace the Christmas season with illuminations and other winter events going on in December each year. One highlight of winter in Nagoya is the amazing winter illuminations that go up each year around the middle of November and mostly stay up until January or even February of the new...
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Tea Ceremony Nagoya
For regular people, making tea is simply heating water and putting some tea into a cup. However, for Japanese people, this is not sufficient. A higher purpose is required, and the straightforward act of preparing tea in a cup is transformed into a more intricate process by incorporating ceremony, rules, and a complete procedure into...
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Japan has many spectacular winter illuminations each year, in fact, a lot of great ones can be found in Nagoya. Many have a Christmas theme with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and raindeers and that’s why they usually end by January.  But one of the greatest winter illuminations in Japan can be found not far from...
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Nagoya Transport
If you are planning a trip to Nagoya or have just arrived, and you’re now wondering about the best way to explore the city (or simply how to get to your hotel efficiently), this post is for you. It outlines all possible modes of transportation in Nagoya, as well as your options for exploring the...
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The season of summer festivals has come to an end, and it is gradually getting cooler in Nagoya; autumn is finally here. Autumn is considered one of the most beautiful seasons for a visit to Japan, and depending on whom you ask, it may even rival spring! While September, the official start of autumn can...
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Tanabata festival streamers
A fairy tale might not have been what you were expecting when you opened this blog post, but we will tell you one anyway. It is a story of gods and love. Orihime, the sewing princess, and daughter of the Sky King, was sewing beautiful clothes by the Heavenly River, known in our modern understanding...
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Green spaces in big cities are highly treasured by locals and travelers alike. Check out these beautiful parks and gardens in Nagoya and its surroundings.
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Okazaki Fireworks
Summer is finally here! And with the arrival of the hot weather, we are ready to have some fun! The Japanese summers are synonymous with incredible festivals. Summer inspires some of the most stunning Natsu Matsuri (summer festivals) with Obon dances and spectacular fireworks displays. Everyone dresses up in their most beautiful Yukata and looks...
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If you’re looking to experience Japan beyond the bustling cities, consider taking a side trip to Gero Onsen. Located just a 2-hour train ride from Nagoya, Gero Onsen is a charming onsen town nestled in the heart of the Japanese Alps. A Brief History of Gero Onsen Manhole cover with the white heron Gero Onsen...
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Nagoya Shopping Guide Osu Shopping Streets
Let’s be honest here, cultural experiences and nature are nice, but shopping in Japan is one of the things many people really look forward to. You can buy so many things here you get nowhere else in the world! If you are one of these people this post is for you. Here we will introduce...
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