Elisabeth Llopis
Japan is home to 430 inhabited islands and almost 7,000 total islands!Located a short distance from Nagoya is Sakushima, a crab-shaped island home to amazing seafood and a number of modern art installations that you are able to touch, sit on and crawl all over. Sakushima, also known as “the island of the winds”, is...
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Wisteria flowers
Springtime in Japan is famous for a variety of beautiful flowers. One of them is the Japanese wisteria, a flower that captivates with its mysterious beauty and its sweet fragrance. Like wisteria’s more famous cousin the cherry blossom, multiple varieties of wisteria bloom at different times. The average blooming period extends from mid-April to early...
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If you think that Matcha is only from Kyoto and you can only enjoy it there, then you are in for a big surprise. Matcha tea can be enjoyed across Japan. Three of the most famous tea-producing regions recognized for producing the best Matcha in Japan are Uji in Kyoto, Fuji in Shizuoka, and just...
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Inuyama Downtown
With the arrival of spring, all of Japan is dyed in pink. This is because at the end of March Sakura (cherry blossoms) begin blooming. You can see the cherry tree flowers all across Japan: in parks and botanical gardens, around temples and shrines, on the banks of rivers, or covering mountains. The season of...
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Most people know Toyota as the name of Japan’s leading car brand. But Toyota is also the name of a city in Aichi Prefecture.  Toyota city is the home of Toyota Corp. where thousands of cars are produced every year. The city is a paradise for car lovers with exciting museums to learn more about...
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Pottery from Japan dated to 10,000 B.C. is the oldest known in the world. The story of Jomon pottery is the earliest example of this tradition and artform. Pottery making in Japan is a fine art form that is traced back to the beginning of the 13th century, with the introduction of Chinese and Korean ceramic...
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Inuyama city's view from Inuyama Castle
A small town at the banks of a tranquil river, a castle at the top of a low hill, streets lined by dark wooden houses. Inuyama is a place where you can experience Japan from another time, with old traditions and masterful craftsmanship such as colorful festivals, pottery, and mechanical puppets. Inuyama Castle: a National...
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Plum Blossoms in Aichi and Nagoya
One of the first and most exciting signs of spring in Japan is when flowers start blooming. The cherry blossom or Sakura is the best-known flower during the spring season. However, there is a flower that blooms before the Sakura tree, and it has played an important role in the Japanese culture and tradition for...
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Arimatsu Narumi Shibori Tie-Dyeing
Arimatsu, located just about 20 minutes by train from Nagoya Station, is a town well known for being the home of the traditional technique of Arimatsu-Narumi Shibori, a technique of fabric dyeing that has been skillfully crafted over the last 400 years. Edo Period traditional black wooden houses along the Tokaido Road During the Edo...
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Nagoya museums
Nagoya not only houses ancient and historical art but also fantastic museums and galleries exhibiting old and new artworks of Japanese designers. Even during a short stroll around the city center, you can drop in at multiple museums dedicated to modern art.  To make it easier for you we have prepared this list of the...
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