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Nagoya museums
Nagoya not only houses ancient and historical art but also fantastic museums and galleries exhibiting old and new artworks by Japanese designers. Even during a short stroll around the city center, you can drop in at multiple museums dedicated to modern art. To make it easier for you, we have prepared this list of the...
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Yattokame Street Kabuk
Nagoya hosts throughout the year multiple exciting annual events, seasonal festivals, Samurai parades, and special cultural events for all kinds of audiences. During autumn, one of the greatest cultural festivals is the Yattokame Culture Festival. The Yattokame is a journey through Japan’s traditional performing arts, history, and culture. In 2023, it will be held from...
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Nagoya Festival
The Nagoya Festival, which takes place annually in mid-October, is one of the greatest autumn festivals in Nagoya. The entire city is filled with a festive atmosphere, celebrating its past, present, and future.  If you love Japanese festivals and want to experience the vibrant energy and a mix of entertainment, culture, and history, this event...
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Nagoya Odori 2021
Every year in Autumn the Nishikawa Ryu, one of the most influential traditional dance schools in Japan puts on a colorful show called the Nagoya Odori (Nagoya Dance). At the Nagoya Odori, you can enjoy the impressive visual art and impeccable choreography of classic Japanese dances, and the unforgettable stories of traditional Japanese tales in...
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Mizukan Museum Cover
Nagoya is full of museums and cultural events, which make the city a perfect destination for Japanese history buffs. Whether you’re already in Japan or still planning your next trip, we have picked some of the best history and culture museums in Nagoya, so you can add them to your bucket list. Get to Know...
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Japan is one of the few countries that recognizes the fact that many people like to spend some time watching aircraft and airports in action. The Japanese airports are far from being only transportation hubs and the Chubu Centrair International Airport is no exception. Runway view of Chubu Centrair International Airport Chubu Centrair International Airport,...
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Kimono Shopping
Despite Kim Kardashian’s cultural appropriation scandal caused by her underwear line brand, Kimono is still an important aspect of Japanese Culture and part of the Japanese identity. But, who hasn’t dreamed of wearing a Kimono in Japan?There are many ways to experience traditional Japanese culture, and we are sure that many of those who have...
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Bathing in a Onsen
Bathing is a part of every culture, no matter what country we are from.  Nowadays, because of our busy lives, many people prefer a quick shower to start the day. Which is as essential as morning coffee. Many others prefer to take a relaxing bath after a hard day. They don’t think twice about it....
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Nightlife Nagoya
The sun went down and the lights turned on. It’s time to experience the nightlife. When traveling to Japan, you often fill your days with daytime activities. However, when night falls, a whole new side of Japan comes to life. Everything transforms, creating a completely different atmosphere that you can experience and enjoy. You might...
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Are you planning a trip to Nagoya and staying at the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel? Lucky you! Not only is the hotel itself a luxurious place to stay (check out our in-depth article about it), but it also boasts a prime location connected to Nagoya Station with many tourist attractions nearby. In this article, we...
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